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Qeni | 29-04-2023

Submission Portal Detailed Tutorial

To get started with the submission process, it’s essential to first create a profile and choose between Case Report or Abstract based on two categories. From there, simply follow the submission steps provided. This year, the scientific committee has introduced a new option to summarize the study in just three minutes, giving authors the chance to provide a brief overview of their submission as an audio link.  However, it’s crucial to make sure that neither the author nor the institute name, nor any personal or confidential information is recorded in the audio. So, it’s important to exercise caution when preparing the summary.

Steps of Submission

Create your profile

To access the submission portal, follow these steps: Firstly, from the login page, click on “Create new account”. However, if you have already created an account, simply enter your username and password to enter the submission portal.

Creating a new account requires filling in all mandatory fields. This ensures that the committee can recognize and reach you if required. While this process may seem tedious, it is necessary for effective communication.

Choosing the category of submission

Follow the submission steps for Abstract and Case Study

Guideline to update title of the research

As per the terms of title, we request the submitting author to not include any author or institute names in the title. Additionally, please refrain from using bold, italic or underlined formatting for the whole or part of your title. Ensure that the title is in title case and any formulas are properly formatted.

Choose the topic

If you’re submitting an abstract, you have the option to choose from both Clinical and Basic Science. However, if you’re submitting a Case report, your options are limited to only Clinical and Therapeutic Science.

Author Information

In order to properly list the contributions of all authors in a research project, each author’s specific details must be entered and any necessary disclosures must be added individually for each author. If there are no disclosures to add, the “this author has nothing to disclose” checkbox can be selected. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all authors are included in the list of contributors. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully review and enter all necessary information for each author involved in the research.

Author Step

Authors have the flexibility to modify their authorship list in various ways. For instance, they can include additional authors or a study group. Additionally, they have the option to select the presenting author and alter the order of the authors as well.

Author Step Features

Experience all the amazing features by simply clicking the play icon. Watch and explore the author listing process.

Enter the Abstract steps

Abstract Step

This is where the research paper or case report is submitted in detail.

Case Study Step

This is where the case report is submitted in detail.

Abstract Step Details Submission

Authors may draft their content in a Word file or notes; however, it is advisable to copy the text from notes to avoid any unwanted spacing or character banks.

Upload Image, Draw Tables and Creating an Audio URL

After an image or table is entered, there would be a string that appears in Figure Legend box. You can either write the details below the string or even copy it to other sessions like methods, result or any part of the abstract or case study.

Image Upload

Don’t miss out on sharing your image . Learn how to upload it now by clicking below video.


Authors submitting their work are required to include at least one and a maximum of five keywords that are related to the details of their submission. This ensures that the work is properly categorized and easily discoverable by search engines and readers alike. Furthermore, it helps to improve the chances of the work being cited and referenced in future research. Therefore, it is highly recommended that authors carefully consider their choice of keywords and select that accurately reflect the content of their submission.


Authors can submit the reference for their papers, however, the reference should not exceed 200 characters.

This year, the scientific committee has decided to add an option for authors to submit an audio summary of their study or research that should not exceed three minutes. This is a mandatory field for abstracts and an optional field for case studies. Therefore, authors have the opportunity to provide a brief summary of their work through an audio recording, which can be helpful for the readers to quickly understand the main points of the research. Moreover, this can be a useful tool to enhance the accessibility and comprehension of the research findings.

Tips to Create an Audio Link

You could simply record your voice with a mobile recorder. save the file with the control number as marked above so that the record can be easy found. Use a converter website to change the file to a URL, this URL can then be pasted on the field. For instance, visit and upload. Below video for your reference.

Review and Finalize

Authors can monitor their work progress at this step. Additionally, they can obtain a print file of their submission to confirm that all details are correctly updated. While it is possible to revise the content during the submission step, once the content is finalized, it cannot be edited anymore.

Incomplete Submission

Complete Submission

Finalization Process

This is the most important step for ensuring your paper or case study is submitted for review or selection; therefore, finalizing is the final acknowledgement given by the author that all information updated is correct and there are no more modifications required.

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